How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

May 16th 2022

Items you’ll need to roll a joint 

To roll a joint good you'll need to gather a few items:

  • Cannabis, usually about a third of a gram per joint 
  • Grinder 
  • Surface/tray 
  • Rolling papers 
  • Filter or crutch 
  • Pen, or similarly shaped item

How to Roll a Joint Step by Step

1 - Grind the material/cannabis Take your grinder and prepare the amount of material you want to roll. If it’s your first time, grind up around 1 gram.

2 - Roll a crutch/filter If you haven’t visited our online head shop for a glass filter or crutches, you/ll want to use a stiff paper that has no dye. Cut your paper into a small rectangle you can then roll up into a filter.

3 - Place your material/cannabis Take your rolling paper and place the crutch/filter in. Then place in your material and adjust the level of material across the joint to where it is even with the filter.

4 - Practice rolling the joint Using both thumbs and index fingers, gently roll the material into the same shape and size of the filter going horizontal. Once the material is formed inside the paper in the appropriate shape/length, starting with the filter side, you want to tuck in the bottom corner of the rolling paper around until you can hold it again with itself. As you tuck in corner, tuck in the entire lined up material as well.

5 - Slick and seal Once you have your material rolled up, lightly dampen the seal and close it off.

6 - Twist seal the top and light Close the top by giving it a gentle twist and you’re ready to light it.

Tips for rolling your joints 

Choose the correct paper size. While a king size joint may sound tempting and easier to roll, it is in fact more difficult dealing with all the material and getting a good roll/tuck. We recommend starting with 1¼-inch paper or standard sizes until you're comfortable.

Thicker papers such as hemp will be much easier to roll, so easy it almost rolls itself! Ideally you want to smoke/ingest as minimal amount of paper possible, but to start it’s easy to learn with normal thickness paper. The ultra thin papers available in our online head shop will be more difficult to learn on.

As we suggested, begin with the crutch/filter. Hold the filter end between your index finger and thumb, this will give the entire process more stability. Ensure the amount of material you’re using is even throughout the entire joint, unless you’re going for a baseball shape, you can keep it entirely even.

Take your time with the final seal. There is no rush to lick and seal as soon as you completed the roll. If the roll wasn’t to your liking the first time, unroll it and take another swing at it. Having to use more paper is better than smoking a lame joint!

Take a moment to pack in the top amount of weed before you twist/seal the top off. This will allow the bud to vacuum into the joint and allow for a clean spark.

Practice! Your first joint may not come out great but once you’ve tried it for the fifth time you’ll see it isn’t too difficult.

If you find that you're not a fan of rolling joints, take a moment to visit delta 8 prerolls in our shop.