How to roll a blunt

How to roll a blunt

Jul 21st 2022

Why Roll a Blunt? 

Blunts are a common way to smoke cannabis in public. Blunts offer a great high that is both strong and lasts a great deal of time throughout the day. Blunts are much easier to roll than using papers, instead of bongs or pieces, users also prefer blunts because you can smoke much more weed in a quicker/easier format. Some users prefer or enjoy the enhanced taste that the tobacco or hemp wrap has to offer. 

Items you Need to Roll a Blunt

Cannabis: We recommend 1 - 2 grams of your favorite material to get a nice and thick blunt, no needle blunts here.

Grinder: Some users prefer to break material apart using their fingers, but a large grinder is much quicker and easier. We find it’s a solution to getting your fingers sticky and potentially spilling and losing kief/material in a mess.

Blunt/Hemp Wraps: Your favorite wraps.

Rolling Tray/Surface: A surface/rolling tray to roll on top of. Sometimes while rolling a blunt, material will fall out either side, instead of jumping to catch it, a rolling tray or surface is perfect catch the material and allow you to continue rolling away.

Lighter: To light the blunt!

How to Roll a Blunt

1 - Grind 1 - 2 grams of your favorite material Prepare a couple of nugs in a spacious grinder (not a fine grinder), and grind up 1 -2 grams depending on how big you want your blunt to be and the wraps you have. You don’t want finely ground up weed as this won’t smoke or even hold well in the blunt.

2 - Prepare wraps If your wraps are pre-filled, split them down with a center line by pinching your thumbs and gently start tearing apart evenly down the entire blunt. Remove tobacco. When you open your wraps, if they are too dry, crispy or cracking, you can work to dampen them by lightly applying your breath. You don’t want to wet your blunt.

3 - Prepare blunt with material Once your blunt is in perfect condition, fill it with your material evenly throughout the entire blunt. You ideally want material to fill up 80% or more of the blunt when you’re going to close it.

4 - Roll a blunt Once your material is inserted, gently roll the material inside of the wrap a couple of times using your thumbs and index fingers. You should only need to do it twice or three times for the material to take shape of the blunt.

5 - Seal a blunt Once the material is in a good shape with the wrap, as your gently rolling, some users like to start on one side or in the center, work to seal the blunt by taking the end on your thumbs and tucking it over the weed and under the other end. Work to close the top end after you have tucked the bottom in. Once the top end is in a good position over the bottom you can seal it.

6 - Spark blunt The blunt is ready to be sparked! Choose a side and slowly light it on the edges of the wrap for a steady and slow burn.

Tips on How to Roll a Blunt

Practice - Just like anything else, getting good at something requires trial and error. Give it a few shots before you entirely say you can’t do it. Rolling a blunt is very easy!

Not too tight - Try to avoid rolling your blunt too tightly. This happens often because users want to either roll a big blunt or roll a lot of material. A blunt that is rolled to tight will have decreased airflow which will cause many problems when smoking.

Not too loose - Work to avoid rolling your blunt too loose. In the same instance as it being too tight, you don’t want your material in there to be too loose. Not only will your blunt fall apart early, but you’ll also burn through the weed much more quickly due to increase airflow. Also you might just enjoy some “scooby snacks” as material can shoot into your mouth as you take a hit.

Baking your blunt - Some users take a moment to bake their blunt when done rolling. By taking a lighter and quickly wisping around your blunt a few times you can bake it to dry anything you dampened too much or accidentally stayed moist.