Delta 8 Myths & Their Truths

Delta 8 Myths & Their Truths

Nov 19th 2021

With the arrival of Delta 8 came the misconceptions that soon followed. Whether it’s about the legality, how to obtain it, how safe it is (or isn’t), there’s been misinformation spread. Here, are some of the most common Delta 8 Myths:

  • Delta 8 is cannabis therefore it’s illegal- FALSE

One of the largest delta 8 myths is how Delta 8 is a cannabis byproduct so that makes it illegal. Delta 8 is actually found in hemp, which was made legal back in the 2018 Farm Bill. That bill made it federally legal, however each state does have it’s own legislation regarding Delta 8.

  • It’s now legal everywhere- FALSE

Although the 2018 Farm Bill made Delta 8 federally legal, every state does have its own laws and regulations. It’s important to make sure you stay up to date on your state’s legislation. As of November 15, 2021 Delta 8 is legal in thirty states: California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington DC. Some states are pushing for Delta 8 to have the same types of regulations as cannabis.

  • All Delta 8 is the same- FALSE

It’s important to know that not every brand, store, or product that has Delta 8 is universally the same. Some companies will dilute, mix, or alter the Delta 8 during production for various reasons. To help combat this, it’s important that when you’re purchasing Delta 8 products, the lab results are readily available. This could be on an online shop where they have a section dedicated to their testing results, like this or when you purchase the product, there’s a QR code that you can scan and get the results that way. The more transparent a company is with their product, the better.

  • Delta 8 doesn’t appear on a drug test- FALSE

As much as I wish this one was true, it’s false. Regardless of the type of drug test you’re taking, Delta 8 usage will give a positive result. Although it isn’t the same as Delta 9, their chemical makeup is so similar that drug tests have yet to differentiate between the two. We do recommend stopping Delta 8 usage four to six weeks prior to your testing to ensure there’s enough time for Delta 8 to exit your system.

  • Delta 8 is synthetic- FALSE

When a product is referred to as synthetic, it refers to [it] needing to undergo a chemical process to be similar to a natural product. While Delta 8 is often made in large quantities in labs, it’s not synthetic because the lab only expedites the process that occurs within nature. There are no added chemicals that alter anything, thus making Delta 8 a NON synthetic product. It one hundred percent occurs without interference in nature in smaller quantities, but the lab helps speed up this process.

It’s important that we clear up the misinformation because more often than not, that’s what people tend to remember and spread to others. When we stay updated on what’s true and what’s not, it makes it easier for others to do so, as well. It’s important to realize that laws and regulations are often swayed by public opinion. Whether you enjoy Delta 8 or not, there are people who do enjoy it and may even need it because of their lack of access to medicinal marijuana. Stay up to date on the truth and start a conversation with that.