Bubbler vs Bong

Bubbler vs Bong

May 16th 2022

Difference Between Bubbler vs Bong

Look at the differences between bubbler vs bong:

A bong is a bigger and more complex pipe that can come in many different materials, designs and customizations. Bongs typically feature a large and long mouth piece, downstem and base/chamber for water. Puffing delta 8 productshcc productsthco products or delta 10 products are ideal through a bong as normal delta 9 products.

Bubblers are typically made of glass, they are simple and compact closely resembling to a handheld pipe or typical glass pipe. Bubblers are like a normal pipe if you want to add water to it. A big difference between bubblers vs bongs is how bubblers do not have down stems. Benefits Of Bubblers Smoother and longer hit: Bubblers and pieces with water offer a smooth hit that is less likely to “kill” you or cause you to cough the way a harsh/strong hit might.

Medium-level: Bubblers are a perfect medium-level piece to smoke with. They are not difficult to use or manage.

Easy to handle: Bubblers are smaller and typically resemble an actual hand pipe shape -very comfortable to hold. Bongs can sometimes be on the larger side and with many extensions can become overwhelming.

Durable: Bubblers are much more durable and less likely to break/crack than bongs. They are smaller and usually made with very thick glass.

Benefits Of Bongs 

Strong high: Bongs offer a stronger high than bubblers do, simply due to the fact you can take bigger hits.

Bigger hits/rips: Bong bowls are larger and will last longer/be filled with more material than your bubbler, allowing for bigger hits.

High tolerance: If you have a high tolerance or building tolerance, a bong is fire-proof way to still achieve a great high.

Cleaning: Bongs are usually easier to clean because you can take them apart. Vs bubblers where you can only access the inside from the bowl and mouth holepiece.

Variety: Bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, colors and themes! There is much less variety available for bubblers.

Customization: You can customize bongs with attachments, extensions, percolators and more.